Littoral Chances 2 is being shown at PAD London, Berkeley Square, from tomorrow with the Sarah Myerscough Gallery, Booth A6 this week

This new work is part of a continuing project that unifies our different materials and ways of making; wood/cabinet-making, and vitreous enamel/metalwork. It also draws together our personal responses to a shared interest in the industrial and agricultural landscapes of places like the Thames estuary through explorations of structure and form, and surface, patina, and decay. The resulting works vary in their obvious function or utility but all share a repertoire that responds to the sense of accidental rightness, balance, and expediency of the architecture we find in our research. The works all combine elements of chance and accident with deliberate, focussed, skilled hand-making.
We regularly sift through our fieldwork images, taken largely on coastal and estuarine walks. A group emerged that all featured chanced and improvised juxtapositions of largely balanced rectilinear forms. We did not set out to take this body of photos; it came together over a number of years offering fragmentary and partial information. This coalesced and there are clear visual and formal links to a series of models and drawings made during 2016, and later 2017 that led in the first instance to a cabinet commissioned by a private collector, and subsequently these works; Littoral Chances.

David Gates and Helen Carnac 2017.


Images David Gates

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