Recent projects include:

Under the Counter

A collaborative curated exhibition at Smith’s Row, Bury St Edmonds

Making a Slow Revolution

Commissioned by Craftspace

Craft Rally

Commissioned by Artquest for the Crafts Council

Making, unmaking, repair and repetition

Commissioned by AXIS

Catherine Bertola, Andrew Burton, Julie Cook, Shelly Goldsmith, Amy Houghton and Jill Townsley

Curated by Helen Carnac

The exhibition Process Works took place between January and October 2007.

Process Works aimed to understand and explain the discreet languages of making and its specificity to individual practice. Examining this in the first instance through an exhibition and catalogue, with an invited written contribution in the form of essays and maker interviews by Paul Harper. The exhibition toured 3 venues; curatorial reaction to venue type and location was a central theme of the project. Artist talks were held at all venues and The University of Herts. exhibition was reviewed. (Mark Lewis; Process Works: An exploration of  the creative inspiration and developmental work of five contemporary jewellers. Findings. June 2007. P7).

Throughout our investigation we sought to understand:

How the act of making may be understood both inside and outside practice and whether the act is more understandable when we are able to encounter the process in whatever way?

Process is rarely examined in exhibitions of made artefacts and yet making implies a process – a journey, an examining of thought, of meaning and a putting together of elements, materials and ideas.

An important element was the positioning of Helen Carnac as maker/curator, this at once allowed the examination of curator and curated from the standpoint of one practice and the making of a comparative analysis of internal/external direction.

You can access the catalogue here...proccess works_v2.2

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