Maker and Academic Helen Carnac, aims to provide a forum for open discussion around the contribution of contemporary craft to the philosophies presented within the slow movement. We feel that these philosophies reflect many of the current concerns and interests that makers are exploring within their practices and the evolving identity of craft. It is an opportunity to connect some of the emergent discussions within craft and its recent movements to the slow debate.

The blog Makingaslowrevolution has formed the thread which runs through a research project exploring ideas of slowness within craft. The aim is that this project is a reflexive process that informs ideas, future thought and has informed the curation of a major national touring exhibition for Craftspace, which launched 17th October 2009 at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Connecting with the blog we have developed and continue to develop a number of live events open to interested participants.  These events move our thinking around the nature of slowness and craft beyond text and the written word, through participation, shared activity and process. The blog offers an opportunity to follow in real time, and have insight into and around our current thinking and the process of developing the exhibition.


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