It’s hard putting new work together. It takes a combination of grit, faith and the support of others.

David and I have been making a new body of work together since last November with the plan to show it with Sarah Myerscough Gallery, at Collect at the Saatchi Gallery in February 2017.

It probably doesn’t matter too much to anyone else but to me and David it was such an important event when Sarah Myerscough asked us to make this work. As professional artists and designers working in the same studio and as life partners, we spend a great deal of time together but we hardly ever get the chance to work together. We have previously made work, a set of gallery furniture for Bilston Gallery in 2005 and other furniture and enamel works over the years. David also is incredibly generous and helps with all sorts of work I do and solves many design and installation problems for me – he has a designer’s mind and a great eye, he’s also a brilliant writer and so has helped me edit and write so many things.

So a couple of weeks ago as we were getting closer to showing our work at Collect, David suggested that we make a book – it would show a combination of our photographs of fieldwork that we have undertaken for many years. The book has been on the stand at Collect and it’s been really helpful to us – putting the work into a black box in a white cube environment completely decontextualises it and so for us it was important to show the context of where it comes from. We have really enjoyed showing it to people and talking through our ideas with and through it.

Sadly yesterday somebody decided to take the book. We are both very upset about this. It seems so utterly disrespectful of what we do as artists. I am trying to remind myself that this is a trivial event in the scheme of things and we’ve been told the taking of catalogues and books from stands is a pretty perennial problem, but I think the notion of taking or stealing from someone is horrible and it is a part of our work that we are showing…it didn’t look like it was there to take away.

Things don’t usually come for free…

I remember a number of years ago when showing work with the group Intelligent Trouble in a London Gallery – we had left a space for people to leave comments and the first one we received was trite and angry – ‘what a waste of arts council (public) money this was’…we were all annoyed, as of course we had no funding for the project, the whole thing happened through our hard work and money…the same as the work we have put together at Collect.

Anyway If you happen to read this and you have seen or have our book, then perhaps you could find a way to send it back to us. There is only one copy of it out there and so if you do see it, you’ll know that it is the missing copy…


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