Laila Diallo and I will be showing part of our work Edge and Shore at the Whitechapel Gallery 4th August 7 – 9pm in Gallery 2 within the Keith Sonnier exhibition. It’s free to attend but you need to book up on the Whitechapel website.

Edge and Shore is a durational work by visual artist Helen Carnac and dance artist Laïla Diallo and commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance. Emerging from a dialogue between the two artists about making and process, the work explores where the borders of their two creative practices meet and permeate, offering a contribution to thinking concerned with place, practice, making and moving.
Over a period of two hours and located within the Sonnier exhibition in Gallery 2, the artists work together and alongside each other, revealing an ever-evolving work.

Edge and Shore is commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Developed with support from Battersea Arts Centre, Bristol City Council, Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Quay2C and Stroud Valleys Artspace.







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