I am showing a new work at Contemporary Applied Arts this week for London Craft Week…and giving a talk with friend and fellow artist Tracey Rowledge at Contemporary Applied Arts on Sat 7th May 11.30am.


In this new body of work Carnac has made a series of panels using a limited palette of processes (etching, enamelling, and grinding) and materials (steel and white vitreous enamel), allowing each piece to evolve through treating it slightly differently: developing the work as it emerges.

The fragments of text on the panels are drawn from a concurrent, collaborative work she is making with the dancer and choreographer Laila Diallo. In this project Carnac and Diallo have worked with a limited number of words as responses to the places they have worked together.

The words have enabled communicative channels between their two seemingly disparate practices and in turn informed the works they have made. In some ways this is unremarkable – it is what language does – but what has been of value is the contextual embeddedness of their shared lexicon. Here, Carnac draws on that lexicon and recontextualises it in her own studio practice as material to etch with.

Carnac aims to reveal surface, layers of words, marks and materials. When looking at the work a viewer may be able to read parts of the words or recognise something. It is not the intention that the words are completely legible: rather that they hover, linger, fade, emerge or disappear entirely.



2 thoughts on “A Gathering of Words…

  1. These look fascinating Helen. I’d love to see them in person to get a better sense of their texture. Sadly popping over from Australia is out of the question. Good luck with the show and your talk.

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