Just reading this:

‘Shortly after writing this, I will be undertaking a residency with the dancer and choreographer Laïla Diallo, developed by Siobhan Davies Dance. It will be the first time that I will work with someone unknown to me, not chosen by me and from an ostensibly different discipline. I am curious to see what happens. At once I imagine a scene from the film Kitchen Stories (Hamer 2003) where a scientific observer’s job of watching a single man’s kitchen habits for long periods of time, under instruction of silence, ultimately breaks as both want to share more than they can by only watching each other. Perhaps by moving ideas and things around physically we will be able to shift perspectives and move territory.’

I wrote it in 2011/12 in my chapter ‘Moving Things Around – Collaboration and Dynamic Change’ for the book Collaboration Through Craft, published by Bloomsbury and edited by Amanda Ravetz, Alice Kettle, Helen Felcey.

Having just finished the first part of showing our new work Edge and Shore, it is quite moving to see how far Laila and my work together has come. Very lucky to be doing this project.


Image taken at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh February 2015.


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