I have been going back and forward to Ian Hodder’s book Entangled over the last year or so and am particularly interested in some of his thoughts below…they chime with thinking I have had for a while about how we generally see objects as being separate from ourselves…I’d like to do more thinking on things moving around, how this moves us and how could we look more closely at things themselves?

The following are from Hodder’s introduction to Entangled:

‘That current approaches are mainly about what things can do for humans in society.

That as social actors we tend to see things in an ego centered way…what they can  do for us – but what about looking at things in their own right

That things are not isolated

Objects and materials can endure over time spans considerably greater than individual human experience

That moments of discarding are often fleeting

Objects can stand up against our fleeting and transient lives

Things are connected to and reliant on each other

How the objectness of things contributes to the ways things assemble us and how our dependance on things includes the desire to be shorn of them’


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