I bought a large stock of tools from a man who was selling off all his jewellery tools about 10 years ago…since then i have documented, used and thought about these objects many times…and so i have come back to them again and some of them will appear in different ways in an exhibition i am working towards this autumn…


Alongside this i hope to work with some alley finds from my friends jack and miyuki in Richmond, Virginia. I met them in 2007 when working at VCU and we collected some metal finds then from the alley behind their home. When recently at haystack i received a surprise parcel with more pieces they have since collected. So lets see what happens…





One thought on “Documenting a jeweller’s tools…

  1. tools, metal things and the hands that held them, made them, used them, lost them, discarded them. Interesting. Like the soldiers etched memorials: I was here.

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