‘so much of our experience is shaped by invisibles – gravity, time, consciousness’ John Lloyd

For the last 3 or 4 years I have not made many jewellery objects that go out in the world and into circulation. I still make things and these sometimes cross into what you might term as jewellery objects but recently I have been more focussed on how we might actively think with objects – how we move things around or indeed move around in order to think.

I have worked with Gorm, a photographer and designer, once before on an ongoing project called Side by Side, a residency developed by Siobhan Davies Dance, where I have worked alongside the dancer and choreographer Laila Diallo. Gorm is an (ex) skateboarder and he is interested in capturing action – bodies, material, light.

We have spent January together exploring moving around, from the studio and out, walking in London where we both live. Down at the edge of the River Thames I explored the surface of the ground and collected pieces that became the beginnings of an exploration back in my studio…Gorm watched and recorded what was going on, the pieces collected at the River were later returned and placed back near where they were found. Their function to act as agents in a thinking process.

This active engagement is based around my current thinking about moving around in space and that the gathering and thinking of this is done in active circulation – without movement there is no thinking. The image you see aims to record a moment of this action.


The piece alongside records moments of the whole process – in order to view it, you may need to act with it, to unroll it and move through it.




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