I have some new work being shown in a group exhibition in Arizona from next week…

I haven’t had too much time in this project to really think and so the work is an amalgamation of ideas in progress. The blue pieces of oak are small gifts from my partner David…he works next to me and is a furniture designer and maker. Almost daily he leaves me small gifts of things/stuff that he makes or finds and these often go on to feature in my work. The blue pieces are the ends/offcuts of long planks of wood that he has been using in various commissions and projects. I have a rather nice collection of blue end-pieces in the shape of the letter H. I also had some work on my wall, some scraps of paper put together…you can see in the image the same blue shape appearing…I han’t realised this until I looked back through my images. It reminded me of this blue wooden house that I have had since I was a child and a memory of these objects that kept flashing through my mind as I made this work. Finally the drawings on the enamel have been made as I walk and then repeated/scratched in the enamel. I guess this work is somehow about being home after travelling a great deal over the last few years…it’s a good feeling.


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