I have made a piece for the metre square gallery at quay 2c. It is on show until 22nd April.

Metre: a collection of piano parts. 

For some time I have had a number of drawers full of a piano repairer’s materials and equipment that I was given. This material is now all but useless and it is starting to decay, but I keep it and look at it, re-arrange it and think about it in the context of the piano repairer who worked with it all. I didn’t know him but can imagine him – these items are wrapped and recorded with beautiful hand-written labels and with such obvious attention and care that I feel that I have to do something with them, but I still do not know what.

Recently I was asked if I wanted a piano…it was about 80 years old and in a fair condition. It had outlived its use and was being thrown away. Not playing the piano and yet having grown up with an upright piano in the house, as a child, I felt a sadness at this other piano’s demise – didn’t anyone want it? It seemed not and consequently I now have much of the piano in pieces. I wonder what we recognise or see in it now? In its detritus do we see craftsmanship,  materials or a social role?

Can we still imagine the music – the tapping out of a rhythm – the pulse of this old thing?

We had a small opening on sunday where I displayed two collections of mine and had a very lovely time chatting and drinking tea and eating cake!

above a collection of piano repair parts and tools…

and below…some of my found and made rounds…


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