It’s been a busy year with lots of travel, I spent the first part of the year travelling back and forward to Berlin where I was a Guest Professor for 4 months. We are producing a small publication about the walking project I did with a lovely group of students there and I will post more here soon as it emerges. I spent part of the year working on some great Intelligent Trouble projects, having a fantastic time at the Institute of Making, at Kings College, London and I look forward to more collaborations in 2012. I also made work for several exhibitions including Drawing, Permanence and Place, which is still touring and The Tool at Hand which has begun recently at The Milwaukee Art Museum and will also tour.

I am looking forward to 2012 and amongst other things I am really excited to say that I have been asked to undertake a new residency with Siobhan Davies Dance , Called Side by Side. It will begin in June when I will be ‘side by side’ with the dancer and choreographer Laila Diallo.

Special thanks to all those I have been lucky enough to work with this year.

Happy days in 2011. Dungeness.


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