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Expectoration, December 2005, Darrow, LA. A plume of foam in bauxite waste at an aluminum manufacturing plant. Producing aluminium metal involves refining bauxite (the ore) using caustic chemicals to produce alumina and the electrolytic reduction of alumina to produce aluminium. This picture shows the disposal of the byproducts, in which the solids (mostly impurities in the bauxite) are separated from the liquids. Photograph: J Henry Fair/Gerald Peters Gallery

Kaleidoscope, July 2009, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The inside of a holding tank at an oil sands upgrader facility. The first step in the oil sands process after extraction is upgrading, in which the particulate matter is separated from the bitumen and brought to a stage from which refineries can process the different products. Photograph: J Henry Fair/Gerald Peters Gallery

Abstraction of Destruction is an exhibition showcasing J Henry Fair’s images of environmental degradation, most of them taken out of planes at 1,000 feet. From oil refineries to paper mills and the oil-slicked Gulf of Mexico to the ravaged West Virginia mountaintops, the pictures appear in his recent book, The Day After Tomorrow: Images of Our Earth in Crisis. The exhibition is running at the Gerald Peters Gallery in New York


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