Part 2

For my first day in Moscow I went exploring with some of the designers, the curator of the project and our guide Ignat. Walking from the hotel to Red square it was clear that we were surrounded by new buildings and building taking place, this was definitely a place moving fast, changing, growing, expanding. All of this was great in terms of starting to think about the brief for my visit, of fast and slow and of ultimately this changing landscape

St Basils also appeared to be in a state of flux as a temporary racing track was being removed from a race the previous day…

Through our exploration of the magnificent Metro I began to think about the ‘hidden’. What was behind everything? I wasn’t particularly thinking about this around notions of anything covert but perhaps more pragmatically. I like the door above, that it is almost camouflaged in the surrounding metalwork and that you might notice it or maybe not.

more to follow soon…


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