Even though I left my academic post in 2009 and became completely freelance again – I still had that back to school feeling yesterday morning! It didn’t last very long and having spent some of the break moving and sorting out my new studio I was there yesterday with my co-collaborators in Intelligent Trouble…Lin Cheung, David Clarke and David Gates. We have an exhibition of our first collaboration at CAA, London…beginning 20th Feb 2009. The premise is below and we have an array of talks and mash-ups during the month long exhibition…

I have  been asked  by Artquest to curate with them the first Crafts Council Craft Rally, which will be held at Chelsea College, Millbank on 25th March 2009 and so watch out for updates.

The Slow Revolution exhibition ended yesterday at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and is on the move this week and will open at IC at the Dovecot, Edinburgh on 15th January. 

I will be offering some courses this year from my studio and running a workshop at Penland, North Carolina, USA from late May. More news soon…but I am being particularly slow as I have decided no internet at the studio…more about that soon too!

‘Helen Carnac, Lin Cheung, David Clarke and David Gates. Four established makers who are known for their inquisitive and challenging approaches to their disciplines have come together to make work for this unique four-way collaboration. 

This project began as with so many other things in a conversation, we found that we wanted to explore the possibilities of working together having realised that beyond the visual and material differences in our more visible outputs there was a space where our practices and our thoughts overlapped. In collaborating and working together we have used words and objects. Passing and exchanging half formed ideas, starting points and statements, making and waiting for responses. This dialogue allowed for conversation to be part of the workshop toolkit but it also quickly and purposefully located the centrality of making as a way of thinking through things. We want to use a gallery space to further explore these ideas, to engage the viewer – if a gallery is a space for thinking about objects is the finished object enough of a thing to show? The fluidity of the process will be carried over into the gallery where exchange, joint-authorship and trust will generate further iterations in an overlapping space of thinking, making and showing’

Words David Gates

Image work in progress.


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