An ‘Out in the open’ Event, organised by Russell Martin and Helen Carnac.
Level 5 Function Room, Royal Festival Hall
Southbank Centre
Monday 27th April 2009 7.45pm
t: 0871 663 2500
Tickets £7.50

Out in the open is a series of four public, live dialogue sessions that will take place between crafts practitioners and other experts related to the themes of the ‘taking time: Craft and the Slow Revolution’ exhibition which begins at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery this October and will tour to 8 other venues nationally. The exhibition is the next touring show from Craftspace and has been curated by the maker Helen Carnac.

The session will reflect on notions of slowness and craftsmanship. Chaired by the writer Paul Harper, the panel will be made up of artists and makers: Gary Breeze, David Gates and Shelly Goldsmith and writer and author of ‘In praise of Slow’, Carl Honoré. They will consider thoughts on slowness, appropriateness of time, language, deliberation, memory, ethnography and peculiarities of words.

The event is being held as part of ‘Slow Down London’ and is part of a series of activities which lead up to the launch of the exhibition ‘Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution’ in October 2009. The exhibition will open to the public on 22 October and will look at how fifteen artists and makers relate to an ethos of ‘Slowness’, considering ideas around time and process, material and value, site and locality, relationships to community and the changing nature of production and consumption. Visit the blog: makingaslowrevolution.wordpress.com to join in with the latest discussions on making.


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